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Callum Ormond is the firstborn son of Tom Ormond and My Mum. He is the twin brother to Samuel Ormond and the older brother to Gabbi Ormond. Callum is the a descendent of the Ormond line and to a tudor family. Callum Ormond before the series was training to get a license to fly which came in luck later in the series. Callum Ormond is a 15 year old who is forced to become a fugitive as he searches the truth behind the death of his father Tom. Callum is yet to discover the hidden Ormond family secret as they would like to call it 'The Ormond Singularity'. Callum has gone through many obstacles to discover the secret of the Ormond Curse.

On December 31, Eric Blair chases Callum and tells him he has 365 days to live. The next day, the curse begins as Cal nearly dies in a sabotage on Treachery Bay. Later in the month, Cal returns to his home (24 Flood Street, Richmond, Virginia) and finds that Rafe has been shot and Gabbi is unconscious. The police think Cal did it because when Gabbi is being loaded into an ambulance she says something like "Don't, Cal, don't!"

Cal is abducted at 11:56 on the 31st of January by Vulkan Sligo's thugs and loaded into the sump oil storage tank. He does not die, as Winter Frey saves him.

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